Hagerstown is part of the Washington DMA. You can find links to demographic statistics here.
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As part of the Washington DC Designated Market Area (DMA), Hagerstown is a key component to any national or regional campaign.
Washington County has been haled as one of the most shopping center-loaded regions per capita in the nation (for a detailed report, click here)
Unprecedented growth is anticipated within the next few years as Hagerstown offers more viable housing and employment options.

                                                            Earned Buying Income, or EBI is defined as money income less personal tax and non-tax                                                              payments; a number often referred to as "disposable" or "after-tax" income.

Considered a bulk measurement of market potential indicating the ability to buy, and is essential for selecting, comparing, and grouping markets.

For EBI statistics for Hagerstown (Washington DC/Hagerstown DMA), click the image below.