Great Outdoors' Rotary Program explained.
Your 672 square foot bulletin rotated marketwide
Great Outdoors is most pleased to announce to advertisers who are targeting Hagerstown and Washington County, the completion of our Rotating Outdoor Bulletins. For a local advertiser, there is no other advertising buy, dollar for dollar, that comes close to generating this number of Gross Impressions. The average circulation of your bulletin will be 39,000 per day! By the time you have browsed our website, approximately 275 people could have driven by your attention-getting design, and considered your message....which leads us to an even more important aspect of this opportunity. Impact.

The impact of these billboards is incomparable. Today's production process allows you to display your message in a vibrant, state-of-the-art full color photographic platform; previously only available to national advertisers and very large local advertisers. Your ad will dominate and quite literally dwarf your competition's promotional efforts.
With dimensions of 14' x 48', totaling 672 square feet, these displays command attention from all passers-by. Through the repetition of your dominant message, you build awareness. When consumers make their buying decision they will think of you!
Those in the real estate business have always told us that the 3 most important things are "Location, Location, Location." We don't need to tell you that our locations are at the most visible intersections in town. You be the judge of that by viewing our inventory of locations by clicking the yellow dots on the map to the right.
Traditionally, billboards have been bought and sold in groups known as "showings". With this type of program, the advertiser was required to buy multiple smaller-sized units located at various locations. Some locations were good, others not so good. Needless to say, it required a substantial investment.
With our Rotary Program, instead of buying multiple units, you buy just one or two and we rotate them around the market to multiple locations and audiences.
Specifically, here is how your campaign will work:
Great Outdoors will provide you with our inventory of locations, which exist at key intersections in the Hagerstown area. After the completion of the layout design by Great Outdoors (included free of charge), and your approval of the final draft of your artwork, the design goes to press. Shortly thereafter your ad appears larger than life alongside a major busy intersection where it works for you uninterrupted all day and night, until about 11 pm. After your message has had time to resonate with your first audience, we move your unit on to a new location where it will reach yet another fresh new audience. During the course of your yearlong campaign, you will generally utilize 3 locations. The typical advertising term at each location will be around 120 days, and will never be for a period less than 30 days.
The cost of your program is considerably less than that of what our competition charges for 14' x 48' bulletins. And if you take a look, you will see that every one of our 14 displays is superior in every regard. There are no additional charges or fees for artwork or production associated with your monthly billing. Included in your program is your ability to use up to two designs per year.

Current Rotary Bulletin Rate Card 

Interactive Rotary Bulletin Marketing Sheet


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