View Photos of our displays at US 40/Dual Highway.
US 40/Dual Highway is the busiest non-interstate arterial in Washington County.
Dual Highway, regarded as the "Gateway to Hagerstown" hosts a broad range of retail activity; including 19 automobile dealerships, 30 restaurants, 20 hotels and motels, 21 banks and credit unions and a multitude of service related businesses.
In 2004, Governor Ehrlich said the following: "We know that traffic along the [Dual Highway] will double in less than ten years."
Situated adjacent to the intersection of Mt. Aetna, these displays also provide full exposure to motorists en route to and from Robinwood Medical Campus. Spanning 29 acres, Robinwood is one of the largest medical campuses in the country.
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Situated just beyond the intersection of Mt. Aetna and US 40/Dual Highway, motorists are captive audiences as they line up at the traffic light.
US 40/Dual Highway has the largest concentration of new and used car dealerships north of Gaithersburg and west of Baltimore. This prominent display demands attention.
Known for eating flies and dating a pig, Kermit lives his dreams.
With extended exposure to motorists travelling south on US 40/Dual Highway, these 70' high displays have a dominant presence.
This display has been a favorite for advertisers wishing to target visitors to Robinwood Medical Campus.